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We have compiled the most frequently asked questions. Should you be missing an answer, please check the Forum or send your question to

A general introduction to 1000MIKES can be found in the Tutorial.

General Information

  • What technical prerequisites are necessary for listening?

    An internet browser; for example, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari (on Mac). For audio playback, 1000MIKES requires Flash version 9 or higher ( to download or update the Flash player, click here). Alternatively, an external player can be used.

    Older software versions could eventually cause problems to occur, therefore, we recommend installing the latest version, and if only for general security reasons.

  • Which technical prerequisites are necessary for broadcasting?

    You may broadcast by phone or with your web browser. For more details, see our tutorial.

    Broadcasting by phone. The telephone number must not be suppressed since it is used to select the channel, from where broadcasting will take place.

    You may also upload preproduced broadcasts. Users with Pro accounts have the additional option of sending with professional Internet radio software (so called encoders).

  • Will any costs arise?

    1000MIKES' services are free of charge. Various features such as very high audio quality and custom jingles are only available for Pro accounts. See the detailed description there.

    When broadcasting by phone, only normal phone charges occur during broadcasting. Therefore, should you not yet have one; we recommend that you switch your existing tariff to a landline flat rate.

Audio Playback

  • The audio is strongly delayed.

    A delay can also be caused by poor connection quality or a server capacity overload.

  • I'm mainly just hearing noise!

    This usually occurs when the moderator of the respective channel has set ‘volume correction' too high for his or her telephone number, and thus, it overdrives the signal.



  • Why is my recorded broadcast not visible on the website?

    According to the default setting, the show is only visible to friends. The recorded broadcast can be made visible to all under Archive in the MyMikes area.

    The presetting can be altered, allowing the shows to be automatically released, which 1000MIKES greatly recommends.

  • What do the licenses stand for?

    You can enter the shows recorded in an archive, under a license of your choice. Should you not opt for a license; the copyright, in its entirety, will remain in your possession.

    As an alternative, you can place your show under one of six offered Creative-Commons-Licenses. Depending on the license, others are allowed to use your show. Thus, you promote the free distribution of your piece(s) of work.

    We would be very happy if you'd place your show under one of these licenses and recommend the use of the most open variant CC-BY.

Editing Text

  • Hyperlinks in texts

    In your channel and schedule descriptions, postings and many other texts, you can create hyperlinks like this:

    [ Yahoo]

    This will be converted into a hyperlink that people can click on.



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