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  • "Like" a show and channel

    is there another way to "Like" a show and channel other than clicking on the pink hands icon?

  • "Create Program Listing"

    After filling in the program listing information about an already uploaded mp3 file and then hitting save, I receive the error "Only one retake is allowed!" What does this mean? Please reply, thanks! (more)

  • Skype and connection Problems

    I entered my Skype number in ( MY PHONE ) where it says to, but when I call that number from my Skype account It won't comes up with a message saying that I don't have an account... (more)

  • Upload Broadcasts

    Can you upload Broadcasts to be played?

    • Started by MRSN
    • Most recent message Mar 24, 2013 8:25 PM
    • Number of replies 1 reply

    Broadcasting by cell phone

    Sometimes when broadcasting by cell, stuff plays involuntarily without pressing a button. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Connecting by phone

    When I try connecting by phone I call the number and it says I need to register my number. I put my phone number where it's suppose to go. What am I missing?

  • Offensive Mesages On Mesage Baord

    Hi can anyone help me please i have had some offensive mesages on my 1000 mikes mesage bord when i do a show there is a measage bord for people to make comments about the show. unfortunatly it... (more)

    • Started by St_Clinton (account deleted)
    • Most recent message Oct 16, 2012 6:31 AM
    • Number of replies 3 replies

    Multiple Replays

    I have been using the site for several months now and really like it. One thing that I am wondering about is doing multiple replays. Currently I am schedule a show to play twice, but and... (more)

  • change name of show

    I would like to change the name of my show anyone know how.

  • Bounced e-mails

    I am getting "delivery failure" notices from Yahoo e-mail when I try and also with info@1000mikes,com Any ideas?


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