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  • Offensive Mesages On Mesage Baord

    Hi can anyone help me please i have had some offensive mesages on my 1000 mikes mesage bord when i do a show there is a measage bord for people to make comments about the show. unfortunatly it... (more)

    • Started by St_Clinton (account deleted)
    • Most recent message Oct 16, 2012 6:31 AM
    • Number of replies 3 replies

    Multiple Replays

    I have been using the site for several months now and really like it. One thing that I am wondering about is doing multiple replays. Currently I am schedule a show to play twice, but and... (more)

  • change name of show

    I would like to change the name of my show anyone know how.

  • Bounced e-mails

    I am getting "delivery failure" notices from Yahoo e-mail when I try and also with info@1000mikes,com Any ideas?

  • Error connecting

    Is there any problem with the webphone. As we are unable to connect and have our programs on air. Today, 03/07/2012, we had no luck in connecting. Can some-one please HELP! Andries J. Kok

  • Skype and webphone audio problems

    We use Skype to have multiple people broadcast through the webphone. However on playback mp3 files and other people connected via Skype either cannot be heard or have very weak audio. Have set... (more)

  • Show drops every time?

    Our show starts at 9PM (Eastern Standard Time), but drops off at 9:06 consitantly. We then log back on, resume broadcast and go another hour with no problems. Any sugestions?

  • Facebook player - Any luck?

    We have always had the ability to post the audio as a clickable player in Facebook. Recently the ever changing world of Facebook as changed once again and the player is no longer available. It... (more)

  • ZarRadio and 1000 mikes connection

    In what way does ZaraRadio or similar program interface with 1000 mikes? It seems that when the webphone is open that pushing "play" on a mp3 file in ZaraRadio is all that is needed to play over... (more)

  • can't get get on the air

    Hey I can't get on the air, what is blocking us from connecting, the broadcasting guys at the church says they keep getting a call restriction message when they dial in.


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