Pro Accounts

For each broadcaster, there is the right account package: the standard account is free of cost. With Pro accounts, you get more capacity, higher audio quality and a whole bunch of extra features.

Pro-E Accounts

Pro-E accounts are the right choice for event radio, e.g., for broadcasting sport events or talk shows. With this account type, you get a high number of concurrent listeners, whereas the total broadcast time is more limited.

Pro-S Accounts

For classical radio streaming with a continuous program Pro-S accounts are the perfect match. The Pro-S account provides capacity for 6 hours daily, and the Pro-S Plus account supports a 24x7 program.

You select and manage your account type with the My account page.

Available account types

Standard Pro E Pro S Pro Plus E Pro Plus S
Broadcast by phone yes yes yes yes yes
Broadcast by browser yes yes yes yes yes
Broadcast by encoder no yes yes yes yes
Broadcaster by upload yes yes yes yes yes
Custom jingles no yes yes yes yes
Background stream no yes yes yes yes
Max audio quality 64 kbps mono 128 kbps stereo 128 kbps stereo 128 kbps stereo 128 kbps stereo
Max concurrent listeners 75 750 150 4,500 150
Max total broadcast time per month 20 hours 20 hours 180 hours 40 hours 1 month
Archive 6 months unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Ad free no yes yes yes yes
Price per month free $29.00 $29.00 $79.00 $79.00

Broadcast by Encoder. The professional alternative to broadcasting by web phone. The configuration settings for the encoder depend on the chosen audio quality. See the Channel settings for details.

Custom jingles. Two intro jingles and 9 on-demand jingles may be uploaded by pro account users via the Channel settings page.

Maximum concurrent listeners. If this number is exceeded, a warning message is shown in the player. New listeners cannot tune in any longer when the limit has been reached.

Maximum broadcast time per month. Number of hours of broadcast in a single month. If you have multiple channels, the broadcast time on these channels is added up. The counter is reset on the first day of a month.

Archive. For standard accounts, the archive is restricted to 6 months. Broadcasts older than 6 months won't be displayed any longer, and they cannot be downloaded or played.

Advertising. We may display ads within the channel description of standard accounts. For pro accounts, we plan supporting upload of custom banners. Please note that the standard 1000MIKES advertising areas (left and right column) will always be shown, also for pro accounts.

Change of Pro account type. When ordering pro account months, a new pro account type may be selected. Remaining days of the previous account are exchanged 1 : 1 if the new pro account type is on the same price level. If one of the account types is a Pro Plus account, the exchange rate is 1 : 2.5.



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