Radio 2.0

This is how the easiest radio station in the world operates.

Our tutorial explains how you create your own radio channel in just three steps.

1000MIKES is where anyone can broadcast. Whether it's a live report or a talk show with call-in listeners; everything is possible.

From home or on the go, no special technical equipment is required; all you need to broadcast is a telephone/cell phone or, alternatively, a web browser and Internet access.

step 1

REGISTRATION. Fill out the Registration Form

All you need is an arbitrary user name, your e-mail address and a password; that's it.

Upon receipt of your registration form, we'll reply with an activation e-mail. Click on the link enclosed in this reply; it ensures us that the e-mail address entered really belongs to you. Now just log in!

step 2

Login. Then go to the broadcast page in the MyMikes-Area.

For your first broadcast, it is recommend to activate the test mode on this page.

In the test mode, your channel will not be marked as "live" so that you don't get listeners. The test mode will turn off automatically after 15 minutes.

step 3

BROADCAST. Click the button "Start web phone" in the Broadcast by web phone section.

A window with the 1000MIKES web phone will open.

The 1000MIKES web phone resembles a real phone so that transition from web phone to real phone and back will be easy.

To connect, click on the receiver button. Click the star key and you're live on air, on your own personal channel!


In order to broadcast by a real phone, click the button "Start wizard" in the Broadcast by phone section. Enter your own telephone number and press "Test Broadcast".

Important: Your telephone must transmit your own phone number. If necessary, the caller id suppression function on your telephone or cell phone must be deactivated – otherwise, an announcement requesting correction will follow.

Your telephone's number is required to broadcast from the phone. This safety measure ensures that your channel is not misused by unauthorized persons.

Now call the 1000 MIKES' dial in access number. Press the star key and you're live on air, on your own personal channel!

The 1000MIKES dial in access numbers are local landline telephone numbers, without any additional hidden costs. We recommend using a landline flat rate tariff, which in turn, makes the call exempt from charges. You'll find the list of numbers on the right hand side of this page.



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