Author, Kohen (Priest of the Tribes of Yisrael, a direct descendant of Aharon the High Priest, the brother of Moses), and Torah Teacher at Brit HaAv Fellowship and Talk Radio Host of Torah Talk. I am also a former Battalion Chaplain, Gulf War veteran and volunteer Prison Chaplain for Jewish/Messianic Inmates.

Currently has the first book of the "Truth On" series, "The TRUTH On: The Pre-Trib Rapture" out by Tate Publishing and available at:


I am also working on "The Messianic Jewish Scriptures TaNaKh & Ketuvei HaShlichim" from the Leningrad Codex and Aramaic texts.

Specialties: Teachings, Conferences, Speaking, Deliverance/Healings, On Air/Talk Radio Personality, Writing and discovering applications of Torah teachings for today.

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    A weekly teaching and discussion of the Torah chapter by chapter, and digging the simple truths of the Word of Elohim that applies to our lives still today...NO denominationalism... (more)

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