Hey Listeners,

My name is Jake Vermillion, I specialize in talk radio concerning political events as well as current events so hopefully you will tune into my broadcasts here on 1000 Mikes.

In addition, I am a senior in high school who is seeking to form a successful internet radio show due to an interest in broadcasting.

I First became interested in radio broadcasting when I joined a student lead show, Brand Spankin' New, on a local community radio station, 30A Radio.

So please do tune into my broadcasts here on 1000mikes.com and make sure to call in, I'd love to take up a conversation with you on the air! So, I hope you enjoy what you hear, here on Single Student Soundwaves.

- Jake Vermillion

NameJake Vermillion
Gender: male

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  • Channel Brand Spankin' New

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    Brand Spankin' New

    A Student lead morning show on 30A Radio, 107.1 as well as online at www.30Aradio.org brodcasting Monday mornings from 7-8am from Seaside, FL. Podcasted here on 100mikes.com

  • Channel Single Student Soundwaves

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    Single Student Soundwaves

    Your one stop spot for everything new in both current events as well as political happenings! If you're listening, call in! I'd love to have a conversation with you! Dial In Number: 1 (646)... (more)

Jul 14, 2013 9:57 PM The broadcast Our Very Special Guest on channel Brand Spankin' New had more than 100 listeners.


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